Arts of the famous

Installation in the old American Stage lobby. Circa 1990. This series of work was influenced by the African Soninke tribe of women who paint extraordinary patterns on the interior and exterior of their homes. I worked with 7 or 8 vats of paper pulp simultaneously, creating images in the paper with pulp, not paint. The sheets, while wet, were layered over shaped surfboard styrofoam (wall sculptures) or built up inside large, commercial domed saucers that served as molds.

This grouping was purchased in the 90’s by a couple who live on Useppa Island. As a focal point in their living room, the piece was included in a feature spread in Southern Living magazine. Each 24″ x 60″, handmade paper, with my daughter’s handprints and footprints embedded in the roofs. My children influenced my color palette and my imagery for more than a decade.

“Ribbons,” handmade cotton and linen paper with photo-sensitive Inko dyes. This was part of a body of early paperworks, constructed around 1980. My palette those days was mostly pastel; partially dictated by my materials and process. This piece was 40″ x 36″ x 4″ deep.

Available! Kumquat terracotta wall platter by Florida ceramist Tim Ludwig. Approx. 16″ h.


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