Paper maker

This is the top half of the piece I was working on in that studio shot. 40″ x 60″, 1985. I used a makeshift 8′ vacuum table (with a shop-vac) and worked upside-down, much like printmaking, to laminate wet paper sheets together. I would work with 6 to 8 vats of pigmented paper pulp simultaneously to create one large, seamless sheet of paper. Nothing has been painted or drawn on the finished surface; the paper was often shaped in order to create the desired images. Sometimes I would use homemade ‘cookie cutters’ and Plexiglas templates to create desired shapes or deep, embossed areas (the handprints, in this case). Out of necessity, I think I invented this backward, upside-down process. And 30+ years later, I can still read the newspaper upside-down!

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